Quick Query Edit

Sometimes, a single paragraph can be standing in the way of completing an entire book or short story. You know something’s wrong with that paragraph, but you can’t figure out quite what to do to fix it. At other times, you may be troubled by a simple problem in usage-a rule that you’ve simply forgotten, or one that your sixth-grade teacher didn’t make as clear as she could have.

Arranging for a full edit to address problems of this sort is a bit like chartering a battleship for a day’s fishing on the lake. My Quick Query service is designed to address such problems speedily and inexpensively. For $50, I will read over your problematic prose (maximum 1000 words, please) and send you a brief answer to your question. Alternatively, I will answer up to three (3) specific queries on grammar, usage, sentence structure and the like, the caveat being that you must make all three queries at the same time.

Normally I will answer your query on the same day, or at most within 48 hours. This service is suited both to new writers and to experienced ones for whom, on occasion, time may be a more important consideration than money. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.