Edit by Phone

Part conventional edit and part tutorial, my new “edit by phone” service offers you a convenient way to discover what your writing voice sounds like—by hearing your work read out loud to you over the phone, and by reading your work out loud yourself. If something sounds wrong, chances are it is wrong. Through this service, you can give your “editorial ear” valuable training, which in time will make you both a better editor and a more sensitive writer.

In addition to being a writer and editor, I’m a seasoned community theatre actor who knows how to draw the nuances out of a text. I’d be delighted to put my vocal and editorial skills to work for you. Not only will you become a better editor; you will even have some fun along the way. I guarantee it.

Hourly rates, with a 15% reduction if you are also using one of my other services, such as the “Big Picture Manuscript Analysis.” If I make the phone call, phone fees are extra. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.