Full Dress Edit

Through most of this web site, I’ve been talking about ways to avoid a complete, detailed edit of your entire manuscript. As I’ve said, a detailed edit is both time-consuming and costly. That’s why you should try to find an alternative if you possibly can. This site offers several.

Still, there are times when a “full dress” edit is necessary, whether because of the importance of the project in question or because the writer, for whatever reason, is unable to do any of the work herself. This is where I come in. I have over 35 years’ experience editing everything from project proposals and briefing notes to novels and non-fiction books. If a “full dress” edit is what you need, I can and will whip your manuscript into shape. Just don’t expect instant turnaround on any detailed edit I do, unless the job is very small. Doing the job right means taking as much time as I need to do it right.

Hourly rates near the middle of the Canadian Editors’ Association range, with a minimum fee of $100. I’m prepared to consider a reduced rate for jobs lasting more than three days. I’m also prepared to consider a flat rate for large jobs, but for this I’ll require one or more sample chapters, so I can get a sense of how difficult the job will be. I may require a deposit on jobs likely to last one week or longer. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.