While many writers engage editors to go over their finished manuscripts, very few, in my experience, get someone to look at the project in its early stages, before the they have invested a lot time and energy in the venture. This, in my view, is most unfortunate. An “ounce of prevention,” in the form of a few hours spent looking at the project as a whole early on, to see that its structure works and its scope is not hopelessly broad or overly narrow, may be worth more than a “pound of cure” down the road, when major surgery may be needed to repair a project whose structure doesn’t work or whose scope is far too broad to be viable.

My Initial Project Evaluation is designed to address precisely these kinds of issues. Also working on the premise that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, my Big Picture Manuscript Evaluation offers writers who have finished a draft a relatively quick and inexpensive way of learning how close their manuscript is to being ready for publication, and what its strengths and weaknesses are. In most cases, it is a far better choice, particularly for new writers, than a Full Dress Edit. Not sure which to choose? Please contact me.