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Your Daily Niblet #12

Some of my favourite words and phrases: Cavalier. Buffoon. Bloviate. Anent. Apposite. Cacaphony. Macabre. Bizarre. Titrate. Not inconceivable. Lethal moderation. Make-work project. Slack-jawed loafer.

Your Daily Niblet #11

There’s much I miss about our regular church services: the friendship, the little kids running around, the sight of stained glass windows and the smell of history, and the coffee hour after service. Most of this can’t be captured on Facebook or You Tube. But one thing I can do at the virtual service that […]

One Epic Journey: Tom Thomson from a Train Window

To me, the best way to appreciate the greatness and scope of Canada is to see the country from a train window.  If you fly, you miss the details. If you drive, you can’t really focus on the scenery because you must keep your eye on the road ahead.  I’m so glad that I took […]

Your Daily Niblet #10

Public washrooms are as necessary for the serious urban hiker as hotels and restaurants are for long-distance travellers. It’s a great relief, therefore, to discover that the city has reopened the washroom at Albro Lake Beach Park, as well as the trails around the lake.

Know Your Writer Quiz

Which 2 of the following statements about me are not true? Answers tomorrow. Answers to some may be found in pieces on this website, or in my published pieces. Enjoy. I have been writing on a keyboard for more than 60 years. I played Little League Baseball. When I was in fourth and fifth grade, […]

Your Daily Niblet #9

Observed on recent walks in Dartmouth: two discarded masks and one discarded glove, badly torn. Wouldn’t touch them. I may be my brother’s keeper, but damn it all, I’m not his hazardous waste disposal service!

Gypsy: The Cat Who Was True to Her Name

True to her name, this cat disappeared from our lives as quickly and as completely as she had entered them, five years earlier. No one knew where she’d come from, or why she’d chosen us.  She just sort of happened by.  She wound up staying with us for five years and a bit, which, given […]

Your Daily Niblet #8

Sometimes I feel that trying to ply my trade as a writer, in an age virtually devoid of nuance or irony, and in which wit is rare indeed, is like trying to be a harness-maker, or a cooper, or a practitioner of some other such arcane craft.

My Novella

If you’re interested in ordering a copy of my novella, “Love and Love,” about tennis and romance, contact me. I still have quite a few copies available and will sell you a copy autographed to your specification for $10 Canadian plus postage. A useful antidote to the negativity of today’s politics!


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