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Occasional Observation #138

What good is a really extraordinary education if one can’t use it to show off every now and again?

Occasional Observation #136

Yes–coal does appear to occupy a special niche in the American imagination. It shares that niche with Camel cigarettes, beatings with belts, hot dogs, and moonshine whiskey (among other things). Can you say: Death wish?

Occasional Observation #135

So Microsoft thinks it has things it can teach me, a professional writer and editor with 40 years’ experience, about writing better. Now that’s just a hoot. I suppose the next logical step would be for the Franco-American spaghetti company to offer, on its labels, cooking tips aimed at the food critics of the New […]

Occasional Observation #134

Far better to learn how to read your body’s signals as to foods and activities it does or doesn’t like than to live by other people’s lists of approved or forbidden foods and activities. . .

Occasional Observation #133

Extreme cold and extreme heat have this in common: they encourage one to lie low and do as little as possible until conditions moderate.

Occasional Observation #132

Innumerable stupidities and outrages have been perpetrated of late in the name of political correctness. None, perhaps, is greater than a recently-voiced objection to the term “First World Problem,” on grounds of political correctness. Excuse me? All of a sudden it is wrong to use self-deprecating irony and a bit of humour to acknowledge that […]

Occasional Observation #131

It’s bad enough to hear radio announcers talking about “curating” a selection of songs to get them through a three-hour program. But when I read about a major clothing store “curating” a selection of men’s wear for its winter sale, I reach for my barf bucket. . .

Occasional Observation #130

Certain things earn a permanent place in one’s memory because of some unusual fact attached to them. In the case of the dessert, Baked Alaska, that fact is that it’s the only dish in the entire cookbook to require an oven temperature of 500 degrees (F). I’ve been thinking about Baked Alaskas this morning, as […]

Occasional Observation #129

I’m no snowbird, but after three nights in one week of wind chills below -35, I’m beginning to understand how someone could turn into one!


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