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Occasional Observation #16

Any time you see me relying on the conventional wisdom, please call a doctor immediately!

Occasional Observation #15

I’ve just learned that as an individual between 70 and 80, I fall into the sixth category for COVID vaccination in Quebec. Vaccination for me and the rest of my age cohort should be available starting the week of March 15. While I might like to be a bit higher up in the lineup, it’s […]

Occasional Observation #14

Several events have transpired over the past 24 hours. I believe that these events’ simultaneous occurrence is no coincidence. In the Christian year, yesterday marked the Feast of the Epiphany. In Washington, D.C., lawmakers gathering to certify the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had their eyes opened, many for the first time, to […]

Occasional Observation #13

It seems fitting that 2020 ended with my using a technology I hadn’t used before–video chat via Facebook. For years, the Facebook chat process had seemed totally mysterious to me, but when I finally attempted it last night to talk to a friend, it was almost like the discovery, by Moliere’s “bourgeois gentilhomme,” that he’d […]

Occasional Observation #12

We have now reached the latest sunrise–the start of the third and last phase of the winter solstice. In a week or so, sunrises will, very gradually, start to become earlier. Note that sunsets, which reached their earliest point over three weeks ago, are now nearly ten minutes later than they were then. By mid-January, […]

Occasional Observation #11

Tuning in CBC Radio 2 any time before 9 a.m. and hearing the Kapuskasing hurting music that they have on offer at that hour is like sitting down at the breakfast table for morning coffee and finding cheap muscatel in one’s cup.

Occasional Observation #10

As I think about technology these days, I feel a little bit the way Hubert Humphrey might have had he been called on to address the liberal Americans for Democratic Action in 1968. My apostasies from my original Luddite faith this year have been numerous and glaring. Not only have I participated, frequently, in Zoom […]

“Wrapping if Necessary”–a Christmas Eve Essay

One of the unanticipated negative impacts of the online shopping that has become the norm during the COVID pandemic is the loss of the gift wrapping service that was generally available with live shopping.           I came to the business of getting Christmas presents gift-wrapped where I bought them very early on—at the age of […]

A Short Dissertation on a Hitherto Neglected Aspect of Colour Theory

Black and white; white and black. Early on, at the age of around 16, I learned from the famous Jack Daniel’s label that these are not just abstract ends of the colour spectrum, but powerful, expressive colours in their own right. Later, I would take away the same message from the documentary and retro films […]


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