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Occasional Observation #74

My hopes, aspirations, and expectations have diminished greatly since the start of the pandemic. I now count it a good day, or at least a promising one, if I can without undue effort locate two matched socks in my top drawer.

Occasional Observation #73

Maybe I am a bit more like my dad than I’ve given myself credit for being. He more than once spent an entire weekend working on washrooms for the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium, for which he was project manager. And I find myself spending Canada Day converting and filling in footnotes for the COVID anthology […]

Occasional Observation #72

It’s definitely not the time to be roasting up a great slab of beef. But that doesn’t mean the big cross rib roast that has been living in my freezer these past six months is useless. Far from it. With the frozen peas running low, and the frozen raspberries not standing up too well to […]

Occasional Observation #71

It makes no more sense to expect someone to write a play resembling one of George Bernard Shaw`s than it would to expect someone to resemble Mr. Shaw physically.

Occasional Observation #70

Aside from being beautiful places to walk, the grounds of the Nepean Sailing Club and Andrew Haydon Park are excellent places to see birds and other wildlife. While on a walk today, I saw an Egret, a Great Blue Heron, Purple Martins (a life-list first), and several other species, as well as two lovely little […]

Occasional Observation #69

And now three site visits from Romania, as well. I wonder if there’s a connection between the unusual birds I’ve seen today and the different countries whose citizens have visited my site today. . .

Occasional Observation #68

A great day for birds, as my walk down Jacques-Cartier yielded a first Canadian sighting of a Yellow Warbler and a first Quebec sighting of an Osprey. Hadn’t seen a Yellow Warbler since my summers in Maine as a boy.

Occasional Observation #66

So. . .I just got my first site visit ever from Ecuador. In fact, it was my first site visit ever from a Central or South American country. Wonder what this augurs for my writing business. Should I be hastening to learn Spanish?

Occasional Observation #65

Nothing like Father’s Day to show how truly inconsequential men are in this society. We’re little more than props, put there to advance the sale of barbecues, power tools, sporting goods, and neckties. Show Dad you love him. Buy him more power tools to stuff into his already overcrowded workshop. If we were honest with […]


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