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Your Daily Niblet #144

Irony, nuance, and shades of meaning are but three of the casualties of the ongoing cultural counter-revolution, both in language and in politics.

Congratulations. . .

To the Quebec Health Authority, for having the best background music to listen to while we wait for assistance. Today’s offerings included Rachmaninoff’s “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini,” as well as a couple of mellow jazz piano selections. It’s a smart move to put good, peaceful music of this kind on as background music; […]

Your Daily Niblet #143

Whether the persistent calls of the fraudster from “Bank Security,” informing me of two purchases I hadn’t made and routing me out of bed when I was contemplating more sleep, were more of a curse or a blessing must remain to be seen. Maybe after I’ve had another cup or two of coffee I’ll be […]

Your Daily Niblet #142

The North American expression “in jail” is a direct transliteration of the British expression “in gaol.” In the U.S., it’s the closest most Americans will come to a British flavour in their version of the language.

Your Daily Niblet #141

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness. . .” K. Gibran. Fair enough. . .but let those spaces not be of the order of the Grand Canyon!

Your Daily Niblet #140

Two days completely away from the Internet have given me a renewed appreciation for the joys of nature and the value of good conversation. I’d recommend such vacations from technology to almost anyone. Most of us aren’t important enough that we need to be available to all and sundry 24/7.

Your Daily Niblet #139

On Twitter: I didn’t do a Ph.D. in English and write three books and more than 200 articles so I could spend a large part of my old age spewing out 23-word posts in baby talk to a semi-literate audience with an average attention span of 29 seconds.

Your Daily Niblet #138

Since the start of my “almost no sugar” diet two months ago, I’ve lost 15 pounds. Seeing that most of my current stock of jeans are practically falling off me, I took the leap and ordered a pair of 36-inchers. They’re a bit snug, but I can wear them. Dropping a full pants size offers […]

Your Daily Niblet #137

In my use of French, I’m somewhat like a person who needs a cane in order to walk, the “cane” in this case being an occasional resort to English for words (mainly the names of things) that I simply don’t know. And like some users of canes, I do sometimes resent having to use the […]

Your Daily Niblet #136

Does what I do today really matter, in the larger scheme of things? If I’m fully honest with myself, I have to say I don’t know. But I must maintain at least the fiction that it does; otherwise the game is up.


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