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Occasional Observation #180

Now I’ve seen everything. Canadian Tire is on at me to write about the Coleman cooler I bought from them a month or so ago. Andy Warhol might have done something with this object, but I’m afraid I can’t. Am I less of a human being and writer because I find myself unable to rhapsodize […]

New Play Performed at Kanata Theatre

Pleased to report that my short-short play, “The Holy Grail can be Found at Starbucks,” was performed twice earlier this weekend at Kanata Theatre. Thanks to director Cathy Dowsell and a gifted cast for a spirited rendition, and to KT dramaturge Guy Newsham for helping to whip it into shape to be performed. This is […]

Occasional Observation #178

The greatest improvisers are always the overscripted. They, of all people, know the importance of getting off script from time to time.

Cricket Season

We are now fully into Cricket Season, a time of year which takes in the second half of summer and the first part of fall. I heard the first of the chirping critters two nights ago. Then, on a walk yesterday afternoon, I heard several more. I was delighted to hear them, because given what […]

Occasional Observation #177

Worrying about political correctness, today, is like worrying about stains on your wallpaper while the foundations of your house are crumbling.

Occasional Observation #176

I’ve never been any good at fixing things. What I am good at is creating things: essays, plays, works of fiction, memoirs, histories. And also tasty dishes in the kitchen. I’ll take that, any day.

Occasional Observation #175

Far too often forgotten, in the brouhahas arising when the weather forecasters haven’t got the forecast right, is just how often they do get it right–when they are in fact spot on. Today was a case in point. The CBC internet forecast called for a cloudy morning, with showers to start at around noon. Having […]

Occasional Observation #174

When, as I sometimes do, I talk about some of the finer points of English grammar and usage with literary friends, I feel a bit like someone on the deck of the Titanic discussing what type of evening dress to wear for dinner.

Occasional Observation #173

While my mind is at its best early in the morning–creative, adventurous, and equally ready to work or play–the same is not true of my body. During the hours between 7 and 10 a.m., it is generally, if not frail, distinctly tentative, and not at all prepared for sudden shocks of any kind. I could […]


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