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Your Daily Niblet #91

As I proceed with preparations for my forthcoming move, I begin to sense a connection between giving surplus things away in the right spirit and the right kind of decluttering. I haven’t fully got the connection yet, but it’s starting to become clearer.

Your Daily Niblet #90

The more we are deluged with facts, half-truths, and outright fantasy and fiction masquerading as fact, the more apparent becomes the need not to know. Too much information breeds precisely the opposite of wisdom.

Your Daily Niblet #88

Possibly, just possibly, this pandemic may help bring love and romance back in through the back door, by making them faintly subversive and just a wee bit dangerous–and therefore desirable. The old forbidden fruit story, turned on its ear.

Your Daily Niblet #87

Don’t let your God be just a foul-weather friend. It’s important to be grateful for the good things we receive in this life, and to express that gratitude openly.

Your Daily Niblet #86

I once read, somewhere, that moving ranks #6 on the list of stressors, somewhere between divorce and incarceration. I don’t remember whether divorce or incarceration ranked higher. I do know, and can attest from personal experience, that moving’s high place on the list is completely justified.

Summer Groundhog Day?

As of yesterday, we had come halfway from the summer solstice to the fall equinox.  This day is the mirror image of Groundhog Day, which is more or less halfway from the winter solstice to the spring equinox.  From here on in, the days will become significantly shorter, just as they become significantly longer after […]

Your Daily Niblet #85

One only fully appreciates the significance of the 18th-century term for books–learned lumber–after packing 15 or 20 boxes of them in preparation for yet another move.

Your Daily Niblet #84

The World Almanac, telephone book, and city directory were the equivalent of Google for us young and aspiring reporters. What couldn’t be found there wasn’t worth finding.

Your Daily Niblet #83

Owing up to one’s ignorance on a subject is, in the end, easier and a lot less painful than scrambling to find ways to conceal that ignorance.


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