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Occasional Observation #190

T. S. Eliot had it wrong when he said “April is the cruelest month.” That distinction belongs to November; the suicide statistics are there to prove it.

Occasional Observation #189

The party that doesn’t stand for something will quickly become the party that no one can stand.

Occasional Observation #187

More crickets today on Jacques-Cartier. Not as loud or insistent as yesterday’s crickets–but still crickets. . .on a day nearly halfway from the fall equinox to the winter solstice. Will they still be here for Guy Fawkes Day?

Occasional Observation #186

Observing the intense enthusiasm displayed by the Philadelphia Phillies’ fans, and listening to their at times deafening din as their team wiped the floor with the Houston Astros, 7-0, I actually started to feel sorry for Houston. For them to enter the Phillies’ stadium is a bit like a Roman gladiator entering the arena. Neither […]

Occasional Observation #185

Were my ears deceiving me? As I headed back down Jacques-Cartier toward home after a long and satisfying walk, I thought I heard a cricket. But no. Couldn’t be. In November? Must have been my tinnitus acting up again. After three fairly soft “chirps,” though, one came in loud and clear. One of the loudest […]

Occasional Observation # 184

I like trivia quizzes, and usually I do pretty well on them. But there’s trivia–and then there’s trivia. I’m not going to lose any sleep over not knowing whether it’s papaya, pomegranate, or something else that is the ‘active’ ingredient in grenadine syrup, even though my ignorance cost me a perfect “10” on a quiz […]

Occasional Observation# 183

Cows may need to be milked twice a day, but we, as supporters of political parties, universities and other good causes should not have to be. Constant fund-raising binges, often accompanied by highly emotional language (jubilation or despair), keep us weary and depressed, sometimes almost to the point of despair. The deluge of political posts, […]


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