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Occasional Observation #167

One of my most frequently-used, if not exactly favourite, words is “defective.” I wonder what this says about me? Does it say more about me or the world I for better or worse inhabit?

Occasional Observation #165

More and more, I’m finding that the orderliness of a person’s mind is inversely proportional to the orderliness of his or her home environment.

Occasional Observation #164

Attempting to keep a high-priced, labour-intensive institution like Amherst College going with the annual mites I give them is like attempting to change the hue of Lake Ontario with a jar of food colouring. My donations are made solely for the purpose of maintaining solidarity with the college and my classmates.

On the perils of unfettered reliance on diversity

Sociological reasons, reasons we might lump together under the head of diversity, should not by themselves suffice to put an individual into a position, particularly one of great power and importance. The individual must be intellectually and emotionally capable of doing the job in question–these two are not always the same. And the individual must […]

Occasional Observation #161

I admire the work of Maya Angelou, but she is way, way off base when she says, “People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” I mean, how else are you going to affect someone’s feelings other than by what you […]

Occasional Observation #159

I’m not sure that declaring the war was over worked even for Phil Ochs; it definitely won’t work in the case of COVID.

Occasional Observation #158

“His cussing so much is a sign of his limited vocabulary.” That has a nice ring to it. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily the ring of truth. I cuss more than anyone else I know, and I also have a larger vocabulary than almost anyone else I know. . .


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