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Pithy Pronouncement #8

Later this week, I head off to my 60th reunion at Andover. When the alums who were holding their 60th reunion the year I graduated were themselves graduating, Teddy Roosevelt was President of the U.S.

Pithy Pronouncement #7

The railroad was what made Canada; the railroad can be what remakes it. Rebuilding the rail system would help both the economy and the environment. Electric vehicles are at best a Band-Aid solution. We need many fewer cars, many more trains.

Pithy Pronouncement #5

The solution to nagging tension headaches is simple, says the Ottawa Citizen. Just address lifestyle issues such as missed meals, dehydration, lack of sleep, anxiety, or stress. Unfortunately, changing one’s lifestyle isn’t quite as simple as changing one’s shirt.

Pithy Pronouncement #4

Today’s truly scary thought. I am now the same age Herbert Hoover was in 1952, when I first started following the news and world affairs.

Pithy Pronouncement #3

On this Memorial Day, as we think about the veterans who risked and in many cases sacrificed their lives in the fight against fascism, it is critically important to recognize that that fight has not yet been won. Book bannings, book burnings, assaults against immigrants and members of other minority groups, and the distortion or…

Pithy Pronouncement #2

So long as it is Biden vs. Trump again, it’s just another reprise of Hindenburg vs. Hitler. To prevent this from happening, Biden needs to rule himself out of the race, and the Democrats need to nominate someone at least 15-20 years younger and more dynamic. Preferably a woman.

Pithy Pronouncement #1

“Conventional wisdom dictates that I should. . .” does not equate to “I have to.” Success during one’s post-labour-force years–note that I don’t say “retirement years”–depends in large measure on one’s ability to recognize and live by this simple but important distinction.


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