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Pennies from Heaven

Finally, the much-awaited, long-awaited day had arrived.  Exactly a week after I’d been informed by Amazon Kindle that a royalty payment for my novella would be deposited into my account in two to five business days, the deposit came through.  At this point, I hadn’t had a royalty payment in nearly a year.  Now would […]

Your Daily Niblet #18

The old Sunday “Blue Laws” could be excessive, sometimes to the point of ludicrousness (like the banning of jukebox playing in Massachusetts). But there was a point to them. They were as much about labour as they were about religion. We need fallow periods just as much as our fields do. Even in isolation, I […]

Advance Daily Niblet #17

Spread the word. This guy’s the bee’s knees. He just got a royalty cheque for one cent. Yes, you read that correctly.

Your Daily Niblet #16

Just as an unkempt exterior will often belie an extremely precise and active mind, so a spit-and-polish exterior will often belie a lazy, undisciplined mind.

Your Daily Niblet #15

When it comes to the foods we should or shouldn’t eat, just know your own enemies. There isn’t time to worry about anyone else’s, and doing so could drive you crazy into the bargain.

Your Daily Niblet #14

The most courteous people, in my experience, are those with the biggest attitudes. They need to be.

Your Daily Niblet #13

Between trips to pick and up distribute masks and a doctor’s visit scheduled for tomorrow, I’ll have driven on three straight days. Haven’t done that since before the pandemic started. In fact, I don’t think I’ve driven three times in one week since early March. Wow! Wonder if my old Camry is up to the […]

Your Daily Niblet #12

Some of my favourite words and phrases: Cavalier. Buffoon. Bloviate. Anent. Apposite. Cacaphony. Macabre. Bizarre. Titrate. Not inconceivable. Lethal moderation. Make-work project. Slack-jawed loafer.

Your Daily Niblet #11

There’s much I miss about our regular church services: the friendship, the little kids running around, the sight of stained glass windows and the smell of history, and the coffee hour after service. Most of this can’t be captured on Facebook or You Tube. But one thing I can do at the virtual service that […]

One Epic Journey: Tom Thomson from a Train Window

To me, the best way to appreciate the greatness and scope of Canada is to see the country from a train window.  If you fly, you miss the details. If you drive, you can’t really focus on the scenery because you must keep your eye on the road ahead.  I’m so glad that I took […]


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