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Occasional Observation #80

By itself, politics is thin gruel. It needs to be backed up and fed, regularly, by the arts and humanities, by literature and science, if it’s to have any lasting impact. Without these sources feeding into it, it becomes a kind of dead sea–a stagnant, sterile and utterly uninspired pursuit. It is probably no accident […]

Occasional Observation #79

In the year 2000, the IKEA corporation took out an ad in the Ottawa Citizen noting (among other things) that about a quarter of their Ottawa customers and a smaller percentage of their Montreal customers would rather clean their closets than have sex. Am I in that number? Three guesses, and the first two don’t […]

Occasional Observation #77

You don’t do any better putting emotional issues on a “credit card” because you feel you haven’t time or energy to deal with them now, as they are arising, than you do putting large numbers of purchases you really can’t afford on a real credit card, and telling yourself you will pay for them later. […]

Occasional Observation #76

Let there be spaces between your togetherness, but let there also be togetherness between your spaces.

Occasional Observation #75

Excellent day to see birds. Species observed on my walk down Jacques-Cartier included Downy Woodpeckers, Goldfinches, Chickadees, and an Eastern Kingbird. Of note: there seem to be more different kinds of birds around, and they seem to be more willing to be seen, on cloudy than on sunny days. No idea why this is, but […]

Occasional Observation #74

My hopes, aspirations, and expectations have diminished greatly since the start of the pandemic. I now count it a good day, or at least a promising one, if I can without undue effort locate two matched socks in my top drawer.

Occasional Observation #73

Maybe I am a bit more like my dad than I’ve given myself credit for being. He more than once spent an entire weekend working on washrooms for the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium, for which he was project manager. And I find myself spending Canada Day converting and filling in footnotes for the COVID anthology […]


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