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Occasional Observation #58

From the Canadian Humane Society: Dogs are our friends, not food. Such a pointed ambiguity that it is beyond punctuation. Even the author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves couldn’t figure this one out.

Occasional Observation #57

I have many, many things to do today, and throughout the weekend. One of them is not watching Prince Philip being laid to rest. While I do feel sorry for his widow, Queen Elizabeth, they’ve both had more than a good run. When she goes, which I would imagine will be quite soon, it will […]

Occasional Observation #56

Today’s sad commentary: We put a man on the moon a full quarter century before we thought to put wheels on suitcases.

Occasional Observation #55

Returning down Jacques-Cartier from my walk up to Highway #307 late yesterday afternoon, I saw what looked like the same Pileated Woodpecker I’d seen there a couple of months ago. Just like before, he was pecking away at a telephone pole, in search of God knew what. But this time, he had a partner–another Pileated […]

Occasional Observation #54

Just as patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, political correctness is the last refuge of the charlatan and the dunce. It gelds language, suffocates vigorous inquiry, and makes honest evaluation of the past virtually impossible. As if all that were not enough, it lacks all sense of proportion, banishing poor kindly old Dr. […]

Occasional Observation #53

I am a committed socialist. At the same time, I have to admit that if offered the services of a full-time maid, I wouldn’t refuse. Who was that Waldo Emerson guy, and what was it he said about consistency?

A Social-Political Notice

Going out tonight to a favourite local eatery–the last night we can go there before our new 10-day circuit breaker lockdown begins in W. Quebec–to celebrate the death of G. Gordon Liddy, the most notorious of the many thugs involved in Watergate. It is hard to enumerate all the reasons to celebrate this man’s demise […]

For Pete’s Sake!

The other day, I saw a story about a press release from U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. The release included a phrase like “infrastructural indivisibilities,” or something along those lines. I had a hard time pronouncing it, let alone understanding it–and I have an earned doctorate in English literature! Like large cannons or ultra-formal articles […]

Occasional Observation #52

This morning, instead of my usual Mozart or Vivaldi, I played a lively CD of Glenn Miller jazz, even dancing to two of the tunes. One day doesn’t make an entire chapter of a life, but this looks like a positive indicator to me!

Writing 101 Warmup

A) On some days, it had got to the point where he could hardly use a simple noun, such as the name of a common household object or piece of clothing, without first qualifying it with a profane or obscene adjective. At that point, he. . .Complete the sentence. B) On some days, it had […]


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