Niblet Publishing

Occasional Observation #185

Were my ears deceiving me? As I headed back down Jacques-Cartier toward home after a long and satisfying walk, I thought I heard a cricket. But no. Couldn’t be. In November? Must have been my tinnitus acting up again.

After three fairly soft “chirps,” though, one came in loud and clear. One of the loudest cricket chirps of the entire summer. This time there was no mistaking it. My ears could not make a sound like that even if they tried.

I thought cricket season was over last week. As for hearing crickets in November, I had never even dreamed of such a thing. And the only time I’d ever heard crickets during the World Series was decades ago when there were just two rounds of playoffs–the League Championship series and the World Series–not four as there are now, and the World Series happened during the second or third week of October.

No doubt this extraordinarily long continuation of Cricket Season is due to climate change. But given all the negative impacts of climate change, we may as well take the few positive ones we get and enjoy them to the max. Crickets on Remembrance Day, anyone?

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