Niblet Publishing

Occasional Observation #116

Today I decide to live in the moment, attending to each little issue as it comes up rather than cavalierly pushing all the little stuff aside until I can attend to the day’s MAJOR PROJECTS, as I normally do. This is what I call my Zen mode.

I start out by trimming an unruly eyebrow, then refasten a loose shower curtain ring and run water into a nearly empty container of body wash, so I can use what’s left of it. All this in seven minutes. Will the mood last? Do I even want it to last? The answer to both: It remains to be seen.

Perhaps I can arrive at a modus vivendi by scheduling one Zen day a week, or one a month. But can Zen modes be scheduled? Such a question is beyond my limited capacity to address at this point. The answer must be determined empirically. We shall have to see.

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