My One Sociologist Joke

This is the one joke I know about sociology. I offer it as a kind of coda to my previous piece.

Two sociologists were talking about Weber and Hegel. One of them proclaimed, proudly, that he had read all the works of both authors.

“Did you read them in English or in the original German?” his companion asked.

“Does it make any difference?” the first man replied.

Good morning.

2 replies on “My One Sociologist Joke”

Wow, you did have a productive day yesterday! Lots of good stuff!

What can I bring with me tomorrow for lunch?


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Hi, Ann. Thanks for those kind words. I’ll tell you tomorrow how all of that came about.

If you are OK with a bacon and eggs brunch with home fries on the side, fruit, juice, and coffee, you needn’t bring anything at all. . .except maybe any essential meds and a toothbrush. I understand that it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so you might want to be prepared for that eventuality. Also bring good boots and your car brush.

More good stuff coming out in the next day or so. I propose to have a weekly “review” column where I sum up my take on what’s going on in Ottawa-Gatineau, in Canada, and in the world at large, with another, much shorter weekly cooking column where I provide easy mini-recipes in a paragraph or two. The former will come out every Friday, the latter, every Saturday.

Till later.



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