I’m Back

Hey, folks. I’m back. A little mutilated in the groin area, after four days at Shouldice Hernia Clinic, but overall in better shape than before my surgery. Already walking 3 km a day, and expect within the week to be back to the previous quota of 5 km, weather permitting.

Let’s get back in touch. I am writing again and will be putting some different kinds of things up here every now and then. Probably no more Daily Niblets, but maybe some weekly or bi-weekly equivalent, supplemented with the occasional slightly larger morsel. And excerpts from longer pieces in progress. Pay me a visit even if you don’t need my unrivalled editing and mentoring services. I’ll be glad to see you.

Let us all go down on bended knee to thank the dear Lord that Joe Biden was elected last week. This will be perhaps the one political statement I’ll make on this site, but I think it needs to be made.

Till later–but not too much later.


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