The Big Turn

Last week, we had our big turn from summer toward fall. One day, it was sweltering. You felt warm again as soon as you got out of the pool. The next day, there was a bit of a nip in the air by about 6 p.m. If you didn’t towel off immediately, as soon as you got out of the pool, and put on your shirt, you would start to shiver a bit. And the days are shorter, with night coming an hour earlier than it did less than two months ago.

As often happens, some heavy rains marked the transition between the two mini-seasons.

With nighttime temperatures dropping into the mid teens, the weather is much better for sleeping. On sunny days, the air is lighter and crisper as well as a bit cooler. Motion has started to return to much of nature. No longer having to slow ourselves down to adjust to mid-summer heat, we ourselves go about our business more briskly and, I dare say, more purposefully. Joy at the beauty of the season is mingled with regret for what has gone by, but at this early point in the transition, joy still outweighs regret. I shall probably immerse myself a couple more times at the Lido Pool at the Waegwoltic Club, if only for old time’s sake. But at the moment, going for a walk holds more appeal than going for a swim.

Welcome to the swing season.

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