Know Your Writer Quiz #2

Which two of the following statements about me are not true? Answers to some may be found in pieces on this website, or in other of my published works. Answers on Thursday, July 16.

  1. I’m a near lifelong tennis player.
  2. I have never played golf.
  3. My mid-life career shift from English to industrial relations was to some extent inspired by my mother’s earlier, similar shift from English to sociology.
  4. I didn’t own a TV set until I was in my mid 40’s.
  5. I took up improvisational dance, including contact improvisation, in my late 40’s.
  6. I’ve been regularly involved with theatre since my early adulthood.
  7. I have three children and one grandchild.
  8. I went through my last two years of boarding school with at least one bottle of whiskey in my laundry bag at all times.
  9. I had to be bribed to stay at that boarding school with a trip to Europe.


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