Know Your Writer Quiz

Which 2 of the following statements about me are not true? Answers tomorrow. Answers to some may be found in pieces on this website, or in my published pieces.


  1. I have been writing on a keyboard for more than 60 years.
  2. I played Little League Baseball.
  3. When I was in fourth and fifth grade, I had a Christmas card and writing paper business, the proceeds from which enabled me to make a charitable donation that got written up in the New York Times.
  4. At the age of about 40, I made a mid-career switch from English to social science, a switch inspired by my mother’s similar switch two decades earlier.
  5. I attended a famous New England boarding school.
  6. I voted Green in the 2013 Nova Scotia provincial election.
  7. I was accused by my son of having voted Natural Law in the 1997 federal election.
  8. I’m a lifelong stataholic.

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