What I Do

Whether you’re looking to hire an editor, a solo author, or a collaborator, and whether your project is a memoir, novel, biography, or history—or perhaps something shorter, such as a speech or a proposal—I’m here to help.

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I’m also prepared to teach a broad range of editing courses and writing courses, including Getting Started with Writing and Introduction to Memoir-Writing, to groups of five or more.

My core service is my Big Picture Manuscript Analysis. Here, I take a good look at the manuscript as a whole and write a relatively short comment indicating the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, and how close I think it is to being ready for publication. I emphasize this service because it’s far more rewarding for me to show writers how to develop to their full potential than for me to do their work for them. And it’s also far more affordable for writers than a full-dress edit. That said, I remain ready, willing, and able to do a full-dress edit when the situation warrants.

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It’s my profound hope that we can all learn a lot and have a lot of fun working together as writers.